Pilot Party Ep 02 | Pretty Little Liars

They're pretty! They're little! They're liars, I guess!

That's right, friends, today on Pilot Party, we're discussing the premiere episode of the hit CW show, Pretty Little Liars

Just a reminder (you know, because this is still new to all of us): Pilot Party is the new podcast that my husband, Daniel, and I recently started in which we talk about the delightful, ridiculous, and often awkward world of TV pilots. You can read more about it here!

Pretty Little Liars (or PLL, as I assume it is referred to on Tumblr) is a show all about frenemies and the secrets that bind them. In this pilot episode, four high school students, Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily, are stunned when they begin receiving antagonizing text messages from someone who signs off as simply A. They believe this person might be Alison, their long lost friend who has been missing for a year and, up until this point, was presumed dead. It's chilling, guys.

However, given the fact that I had never watched this show, I had initially assumed it was about witches. My bad. It's not about witches. Though that would be cool.

In this episode of Pilot Party, you can look forward to Daniel and I diving into a lengthy discourse about why men's swimsuits are so terrible and later speculating wildly about whether or not Alison is actually dead. We still have no idea. Also, Daniel tells a story about seeing Bill Nye The Science Guy on the streets of New York City. You won't want to miss it!

Full disclosure: we recorded this episode a long ass time ago. In fact, near the end, I give an RIP-shoutout to legendary author, Harper Lee, who had died that day (February 19). I assure you we will soon have episodes that feature more current versions of ourselves as well as shows from more diverse genres. 

Need a reminder of the plot of what the hell is going on in this first episode of PLL? Here's a quick summary you can read to give your brain a little refresher. 

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