Back-to-School Commercials Are Bumming Me Out: An End of Summer Update

There's this commercial that came on a lot during the Olympics (related: I miss the Olympics. Dear god, I miss the Olympics so much). Given how frequently it ran during that time, I should probably know what company the commercial was advertising, but alas, I do not. Walmart maybe? Old Navy?

Anyway, whatever, that's not the point. The point is, this ad features some really hip kids -- I mean, REALLY hip, cooler than I could ever dream to be -- dancing in backpacks on the first day of school. We're talking popping, locking, the worm maybe. It's the kind of energetic dancing that makes you feel slightly guilty for just sitting there on your couch with a lap full of prosciutto. 

While it's an impressive sight to behold, I have to admit, I kind of get annoyed whenever this commercial comes on. It's not the kids. They're amazing. It's just that I have been conditioned to hate back-to-school advertisements since the days of my youth. As a kid, seeing sales on three-ring binders and highlighter specials pop up on my TV used to turn my stomach into knots. It's not that I hated the return of school, but man I hated the end of summer. And even though I am no longer in grade school anymore, these ads continue to serve as a reminder of the thing that I never want to accept: summer is coming to a close. 

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