Pilot Party Ep 05 | Cheers

Hey TV freaks! We are BACK! 

Just a reminder, since it's been quite some time since we last graced you with our presence (almost 4 weeks eeeeek), Pilot Party is a podcast hosted by myself and my hub-bot 2000, Daniel O'Shoney. In each episode, we discuss a different pilot episode of a television series -- the good, the bad, and the what-in-the-hell-is-this.

And in this week's episode, we have really gone and set ourselves up for failure, folks!

We're talking about Cheers, widely regarded as one of the greatest shows in television history, with a pilot episode that is arguably one of the best of all time.

And here we are, just a couple of nobodys, sitting around talking about it as though we have the authority to do so.

Still, I'm not going to lie, we had a hell of a time recording this episode. It may be my favorite one yet, and while we certainly aren't television scholars or anything -- I don't know -- I like to believe that we can hang.

So for those uninitiated, Cheers is a sitcom set in a Boston bar ("Cheers") that follows the relationships that form between the staff and colorful regular customers. The show premiered on NBC in 1982 (on the podcast, we accidentally said it started in 1987, so don't throw garbage at us when you spot us on the street) and ran for ELEVEN SEASONS after that until 1993. So you know, obviously people really dug it. 

And for the record, I am one of those people. This is one of my life's favorite shows, and in this episode of Pilot Party, Daniel and I are diving deep into what makes this pilot, this cast, and the writing of this show in general so particularly special. From Ted Danson's unbelievable hair, to Shelley Long's incredible comedic timing, to Norm's veiled alcoholism -- there is just so much to take in. 

Before you listen to the episode, just a heads up, there are DEFINITELY spoilers ahead. We couldn't contain our opinions to just this one episode. I mean, could you?

If you need a quick refresher on what goes down in this pilot, here's a short synopsis you can read real quick. And if you just want to go ahead and watch the episode before diving in, feel free to do so on Netflix, baby!

Alright, are you ready to go to a place where everybody knows your name? And they're always glad you came?

Well, I'm not sure we can help you with that first part, but we are sure as hell glad you came to the podcast today! Here's your episode, friend:

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Alright, folks, that's all I have for you. Until next time! (which will be much sooner than this last time, promise!)


Pilot Party Ep 04 | Gossip Girl

Wow, rich teenagers sure live complicated lives, amirite???? 

This week on Pilot Party, we're diving into a world of privilege and popped collars as we discuss the pilot episode of Gossip Girl!

The show, based on a book series of the same name, follows the lives and conflicts of a group of high school students living in Manhattan. In this particular episode, the Upper East Side community is shocked by the return of Serena van der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively) who left for boarding school the year before under mysterious circumstances. Many are excited by Serena's homecoming, however her best friend (or ex-best friend, I can't super tell), Blair (Leighton Meester) is less than thrilled. Blair is planning a "Kiss On The Lips" party (whatever that is), and does not extend an invite to Serena, a gesture that ignites unspoken hostility between the two girls.

The episode deals with their fallout as well as the lives of, like, ten other teenage characters that I don't feel like naming as well as their incredibly affluent and vapid parents (you can read a more detailed synopsis here). Most importantly, all of the dramatic high points of this private school community are documented (and thus narrated throughout the episode) by an anonymous blogger, Gossip Girl (voiced by Kristen Bell).

AAAAAAANYWAY, this week's episode of Pilot Party is particularly special because it marks a significant milestone for our little podcast. For the first time EVER, we're joined by some very special guests...

Kat and Patrick Nazaroff!


These guys are some of our dearest friends on planet Earth, and they were gracious enough to lend us their comedic talents whenever they were in NYC back in February (that's right, this recording is, like, 3 months old. But I promise, apart from the fact that our voices will sound 3 months younger, you likely won't notice.)

We had a fabulous time (possibly too great of a time) discussing our high school awkwardness as well as divulging our hatred for Chuck, the show's clearly defined antagonist. 

Something to note: while myself, Daniel, and Patrick had not previously watched Gossip Girl, Kat is practically a SCHOLAR. She has seen the entire series, and in this recording, we frequently refer to her with questions about future storylines. That said, this episode DOES contain spoilers. So if you are spoiler averse, I recommend catching up on the show before you listen to this episode.

Alright, folks, HAVE AT IT:

If you happen to fall in love with Kat and Patrick in this episode, you're in luck! This summer, they are launching a podcast called Does It Hold Up! It's all about examining the movies and shows we loved as kids to see whether or not they hold up now that we are brilliant, sophisticated adults. It's going to be GOOD and hilarious, I'm sure of it. So if you want to be the first to know when their podcast launches, you can subscribe right HERE!

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That's all I've got for you. Until next time!