Why I Love My Meat Sack (Plus a FREE printable!)

This post was originally published on my former blog, Avoiding Atrophy,
but I've added a fun little something to it! 

Why I Love My Meat Sack | Hey friend, have you thanked your body lately? It helps you do a lot of really cool things. This post will give you a different way to think about your body (and a different thing to call it: meat sack) while helping you to feel confident and ready to face the day! PLUS, there's a free downloadable "I love my meat sack" print attached! Click through to get it!

I recently posted the following image on Instagram, and I thought it might be a good idea to share it here too:

Now, I don't typically use my Instagram as a platform for posting pictures of myself in a bikini. But for some reason, I just felt called to share this particular one. It was taken this summer at Jones Beach out on Long Island. Something you should know about me: whenever I go to the beach, I pretty much immediately go into full-on toddler mode. I jump around like a madwoman, do cartwheels, karate chop the ocean, and just act like I've never seen a body of water before in my entire life. This particular day, I was in rare form toddler-wise, but honestly, I couldn't help it. The place was practically empty, the water was glittery and perfect, I had a giant bag of Munchies that was giving me life, and I was just really, really happy.

When I got home and looked back at all of the pictures from the day, I couldn't stop laughing at this weirdo running around the beach like a rabid animal. But as I continued scrolling through, I also had another thought: Damn, I look good.

It feels like such a scandal to say that. On my previous blog, I talked about my views on body image, I've shared my actual weight, and I've also talked about why it's important to boldly enjoy things about yourself. And still, despite all of my pontificating on the importance of loving the person you are, I recognize that it's a really difficult idea.


But here's what I know: when I see a picture of myself smiling, laughing, and using my body to do fun things that I enjoy -- I just...I think I look good, okay? There are tons of things I could pick apart about my meat sack (by the way, henceforth, I will be subbing the word "meat sack" for the word "body" because I just like it better and I feel like I'm getting repetitive here), but honestly my meat sack enables me to do some really cool stuff. It is not THE most important thing about me, not by a long shot, but it is pretty damn important.

From where I stand, it's a gift to be able to haul this thing all over the world. It's strong and soft and short in some places and long in others, and I love it because it's mine. If my meat sack were differently-shaped, I'd certainly find things to love about it, too. But regardless, the good Lord gave me this one meat sack with which to build my life, and I'm not going to act like I'm not totally psyched about it.

So if you've been struggling with your meat sack lately, perhaps it's time to reframe the way you think about it. Don't think about what it is or isn't, but instead think about what it does. Maybe you can jump, kick, dance, or parkour your way up the Empire State Building. If so, whoa, that's amazing. Or maybe you can't do any of those things, but you can breathe in and out, laugh, write, blink in morse code, GROW A HUMAN INSIDE OF YOU, etc. While you may not always realize it, all of those things are pretty amazing too.

Now, that being said, it's totally okay if you want to change some things about your meat sack. Seriously, don't feel guilty if you don't wake up every morning, shouting, "I'M PERFECT JUST AS THE WAY I AM!" But all the while, know that you get points for just existing, so even if it bulges out in places you wish it didn't or it has scales or whatever, show your meat sack some love. It's gotten you this far, after all.

Want a reminder to keep on loving this beautiful thing you call a body (and that I call a meat sack)? I've created a FREE printable that you can download r'now! You can hang it by your mirror or your desk or save it as the home screen on your phone. Wherever you need a little reminder to love your meat sack, stick it there.

You want it? Well then, click below, friend-o!

Why do you love YOUR meat sack?