What Even Is This Place?

You made it! Good, I was so worried you'd get lost!

You know how when you throw a party there's always that terrible moment about five minutes before it gets started in which you wonder, "Oh my god, what if no one shows up?"

You've put out all this dip. You've rented a karaoke machine. You've sequestered your cat in your bedroom so that he doesn't try to hunt your guests. 

But what if there are no guests? What if it's just you alone in a living room with a karaoke machine and an embarrassing amount of french onion dip?

Or worse, what if only one person shows up? At least if no one shows up, you don't have any witnesses. You can Instagram a picture of yourself with a lampshade on your head with the caption, "Things sure got crazy at tonight's highly-attended party that I threw!" and your followers would be none the wiser. 

But if just one guy shows up, then you have a spectator of your misery. You should update your passport now because you will most definitely need to leave the country.

What a great party! Just look at all of my friends who came out to support me! (JK I'm just standing in front of a Shake Shack. I don't know any of the people in the background).

What a great party! Just look at all of my friends who came out to support me! (JK I'm just standing in front of a Shake Shack. I don't know any of the people in the background).

But then comes the time for the party to actually begin, and lo and behold, people start showing up! Lots of em! You know why? Because people love parties! What were you so worried about?

Needless to say, this website is my party, you are my invited guests, and I guess this blog is the dip? Maybe?

And anyway, I am just so happy you are here! Really, it means the world to me. 

For those of you uninitiated, I'm Christy and I used to run a blog called Avoiding Atrophy. It was a fun place where I wrote about all sorts of things -- travel, television, breakfast -- you name it. The sky was the limit. 

And that's sort of what brings me here. I'm at a point in this blogging journey where I'm ready to settle down with just a few key topics. Why exactly? Because boundaries are important, that's why.

But even more than that, I am excited to dig really deep into some subjects that I truly care about. So on this blog, you're going to find me writing about two things: Creativity and Confidence, with some bits & pieces of my life nudged in between (I toyed with eliminating the life portion of my blog, but who am I kidding? I still want to be able to tell you about when I go apple picking). 

So why creativity & confidence? Honestly, these are two themes that have been so major in my life over the last few years that I can't help but write about them. In pursuing creative work, I've experienced first hand how easily self-worth can get distorted. But I've also seen the flip side. I've seen how a strong sense of purpose and an I'm-Crushing-It-You're-Crushing-It-We're-All-Crushing-It attitude leads to incredible things -- creativity, of course, but also joy, friendship, compassion, and frickin miracles.

And so I want to talk about this flip side, this positive arc of the story where Creativity fuels Confidence and Confidence fuels Creativity and amazing things are made by joyful people. So yeah, that's what I'll be talking about here.

And in fact, I've already started. I've loaded up two blog posts [1,2] before this one that actually used to live on Avoiding Atrophy. If you've never read them before, great! If you have read them, you're still in luck. I've added a couple of extras to both that I think you're going to dig.

I've also got a bit of a teaser for an upcoming course I'm creating called Do The Damn Thing. If you're interested in accomplishing creative goals and just being generally amazing, you should probably check that out. 

And then of course, there's the workbook I recently created: Your Dreams Aren't Dumb. If you want to realize which of your ambitions are dumb and which aren't (most aren't), go ahead and snag that thing up. 

Anyway, all of this leads me to one final distinction about what makes this party different from my last party: at this party, I'm making stuff for you! Not just blog posts, but I'm making tons of other resources to help you 1) like yourself and 2) make great things. It's going to be a blast.

So stick around, try the dip, belt out Total Eclipse Of The Heart on the karaoke machine. And while you're doing that, why not invite some other people to join this party? 

So who are YOU? What's your deal?