You Are More Effective Than 100% Of Cats

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This morning, as I was writing my Morning Pages (those three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing I told you about), I was struck by a strong realization:
It takes a lot to be a person.

Like, not even a particularly good or effective person. Just a regular, ol' livin-n-breathin human being. 

For example, this morning, before I started writing my Pages, I had to do all this...stuff. 

I woke up, chugged the giant glass of water that I keep by my bed, and started my journey towards the bathroom. I stumbled over the cat, did what humans do in the bathroom, and pried my retainers from my teeth. I rinsed those bad boys, and then I noticed my cat making a sound similar to a British police siren, so I fed him. I filled the tea kettle, set it on the stove, and then I put on some pants (a victory for me).

I squeezed some lemon into a mug and poured hot water over it because someone on the Internet once told me that's a healthy thing to do. I took a sip and noticed that the water wasn't hot, so I shoved it into the microwave for a minute. During that minute, I stood hunched over, like a zombie, my brain empty and my mouth agape. I then walked to my office, sat down, pulled out my notebook, burned my mouth on my boiling lemon water, and finally, I started writing.

And even after all of that, I hadn't brushed my teeth, and I was still wearing yesterday's makeup and a giant t-shirt featuring a pug standing in front of the Eiffel Tower saying, "Parlez-vous Francais."

I took care of these details eventually. Don't worry.

In thinking through all of the minutia of my morning, it felt like a lot. But of course, I've got it super easy! Perhaps you had to do all of that stuff PLUS actually make yourself look presentable, eat breakfast, fill a thermos with coffee, walk outside and face the elements, hop into some sort of moving vehicle (a car, train, bus, ferry, electric scooter, rickshaw, etc.), walk into your office, get in an elevator with Jeff who is dying to know how your Thursday night was, and finally, FINALLY, you sit down at your desk, heave a labored sigh, and begin your day.

Whoa, friend. That's a lot. (Special shoutout to anyone who does all of that stuff, PLUS takes care of children. Like, how do you do that?)

And we do this stuff every. single. day. But for some reason, we don't throw ourselves a party or create a Life Event about our morning routine on Facebook.

We think -- this is just what people do. 

And that's true. People get up, they do a bunch of a small things to get their day started, and then they go to work and repeat that cycle to infinity.

But perhaps we should take a little more pride in this. I mean, I watched my cat wake up this morning, and I realized -- that little jerk doesn't do freaking anything. He just throws himself on the ground, eats, sleeps, poops, and knocks over glasses of water. That is his life.

You, on the other hand, have this incredible list of things you do every single day just to be a human being, and then on top of that, you contribute to society. You work, you create, you develop, you take care of other humans.

And that's awesome. It's a miracle, really.

So if you're struggling today to get motivated, remember this: it took A LOT to get to your desk today. At the very least, you did more than any house cat in the world did.

So that said, it's okay if you're a little disheveled. It's okay if you accidentally put your sweater on inside-out. It's okay if it takes a minute for your eyes to actually focus on your inbox.

I mean, just give yourself some credit. Not so much credit that you quit your job and decide to pursue your morning routine professionally, but just allow yourself to feel good about the fact that you got up and did the damn thing today. 

Because, you know, it's hard to be a person. And you're being a person. And if you can appreciate nothing else today, appreciate that. 

Now, that said, you're also a person who has a lot to accomplish, I'm sure, so I'll get out of your way, and let you get started.

Lub ya, 

Also, PS. Hot lemon water is disgusting.

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How do you stay positive on your slow days?