Lifeless Pile of Mush


You ever feel like you are one bad day away from spending the rest of your life as Jabba The Hutt (i.e. lumpy, lethargic, weirdly moist, and sprawled out on a futon)? 

That's how I feel, like, all the time, which is why, a few years ago, I started a blog called Avoiding Atrophy to help keep me accountable in my quest of being an effective and curious person. And guess what? I've turned my favorite posts from that blog into a book! Only I didn't just slap those essays together and call it a day. I also ANNOTATED each and every one of them. That means that all of the inner commentary I had while reading my old essays will be available to YOU, the reader. So it's basically like being inside of my head, and I don't let a lot of people in there, so feel privileged.

Available in both paperback & e-book versions!

Your Dreams Aren't Dumb

(Psst..this one's FREE!)


Hey friend-o! Quick personal question: Do you have big dreams? Ones that are so big that they kind of scare you? Have you sort of convinced yourself that your dreams aren't really all that practical or necessary for your life?

Welp, I've got just the thing for you.

I wrote a short FREE workbook called Your Dreams Aren't Dumb. It's all about how to determine which of your dreams are sort of ridiculous and which are absolutely worth pursuing (FYI: there are probably more of these than you'd think).

Want to stop treating your dreams like they're just a big ol' pile of garbage?

Download this FREE resource below!