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I'm a writer & psychotherapist in training. (And yes, I would like to know how that makes you feel.) In this corner of the internet, I share insights on the things I'm learning about wellness and creativity. Sans cheese. Promise. 

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This Week's Blog Post:


Several months ago, I came home to find a stack of cardboard boxes blocking the front door to my apartment. This, of course, is not a rare sight for me. Since Amazon Prime came into my life, my front door has essentially been a daily minefield of packages, all wrapped up in that familiar blue Amazonian tape. The contents of these boxes, by the way, are often mysteries to me. Sometimes I open one thinking it's going to be something sensible like eye cream, but it turns out to be a geode or a whole bunch of gold thumbtacks that I inexplicably ordered in the middle of the night. The point is: I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon, but so do you probably. 

Anyway, on this particular day, the packages blocking my door were not my usual buy-now-with-one-click Prime purchases. Instead, they were a bit...special. Here's what was in them:

IMG_8353 (1).JPG

If you can't tell, those are the printed pre-order copies of my book: Lifeless Pile of Mush! 


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