The Kid's Birthday Funk

As a kid on your birthday, you likely thought you were doing the most objectively fun thing you could possibly do. There you were at Chuck E. Cheese's, climbing through tubes, jumping into ball pits, sliding down slides, and opening presents with reckless abandon. It was the time of your life, and you were certain that anyone in your vicinity was having just as much fun as you were.

But believe it or not, there actually were people at your birthday party who weren't having that great of a time. In fact, they were honestly having a pretty shit time.

I'm talking about the grownups. Apart from listening to children scream and keeping said children from accidentally busting their heads open while going down a slide, there is actually very little for an adult to do at a kid's birthday party. It's pretty boring.

When your life is in a bit of a funk, perhaps you know what this feels like. Perhaps lately you've been feeling a lot like an adult at a kid's birthday party. You spend your days watching everyone around you having a great time, overjoyed by the things they are doing while you simply stand there, unamused.

Ordinarily, at your best, you are an enthusiastic and curious person. You are multi-passionate, multi-talented, and you are always interested in discovering new ways to enrich your life.

But suddenly and without warning, you are finding fewer and fewer things that grab your interest. Where you used to feel inspired and amazed, you now feel bored and frustrated. You've gone from excitable kid to underwhelmed adult in what feels like an instant.

But there's a way to regain your zest for life, I promise, and no, it does not involve going to Chuck E. Cheese. Throughout this series, we'll be working on ways to move past your funk, but in the meantime, here are some things you can focus on this week:

If you're feeling like a tired, grumpy adult at Chuck E. Cheese...

1. You've got to go on an adventure. This week, challenge yourself to do something WEIRD. Do something new that you've never done before, something you ordinarily wouldn't pick for yourself, something you might be terrible at or might give you poison ivy or might make you have to talk to someone you might not typically talk to. If life is feeling all kinds of mundane, then it's time to bring some intrigue back into it.

2. Stop focusing on how bored you are, and instead focus on what you can enjoy. At the end of each day this week, write down three things that absolutely delighted you.

3. Reconnect with an old passion. Is there a song that always used to move you to tears? A book that inspired you when you were growing up? A food that makes your brain explode with joy? This week, jam pack each day with these things. Carve out time in your day to experience something that has inspired you before. It could happen again.

Alright, hop to it, kid!