Hey, friend! I'm Christy! 

I'm a Brooklyn-based writer and creative consultant dedicated to providing unconventional insights on confidence and creativity. Basically, I think it's a good idea to 1) like yourself and 2) do dope stuff. Because, you know, life is short. And you're pretty great.

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This Week's Blog Post:


Over the past few months, I've been putting the finishing touches on my upcoming book, Lifeless Pile of Mush. I'll be honest: it's been a learning experience. And by "learning experience" I mean that, at times, this process has made me want to pack a duffel bag in the witching hour of the night and start a new life as a welder in a small Northern England town. Perhaps somewhere by the sea. 

When I first announced that I was releasing my book of essays, I legitimately thought I'd send out copies within the month. At that time, I'm certain that the entire heavenly realm was looking down on me (I imagine a bunch of naked baby angels in the style of Anne Geddes), rolling with laughter and hurling angelic spitballs in my direction for being so adorably optimistic. And man, those naked babies were right.

Folks, A LOT goes into the final stages of creating a book, especially a book that you actually want people to read. Writing a book: fun. Editing a book and priming it for printing: an endless, exhaustive purgatory. That said, a lot of my last month has been devoted to some really tedious aspects of book creation, and I am abundantly thankful for your patience in all of that. 

The thing I am sharing with you today, however, is the opposite of tedious. Instead, it is a breath of fresh air that has filled my lungs with a vitality to take me through to the end of this process.

I recently reached out to Tim Bauer, a brilliantly talented designer friend of mine, to help me create a cover for the book. I know what you're thinking: don't you already have a book cover? The one that's a picture of your cat? And yes. Sort of. I created that book cover myself as a part of my pre-sale promotional materials, but honestly, let's be real: I'm no designer.

But Tim, on the other hand, super is. That's why, when he agreed to collaborate with me on a whimsical cover that would celebrate the spirit of Lifeless Pile of Mush, I was ecstatic. And even though I've seen his impressive work in the past, I was in no way prepared for how much I would love the design he created for me. You ready to see it? EEEEEEEK.


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