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I'm a writer & mental health counselor in training. (That means I'm studying to become a psychotherapist. And yes, I would like to know how that makes you feel.) Anyway, here in this bizarre corner of the internet, I share insights on the things I'm learning about wellness and creativity. Sans cheese. Promise. 

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This Week's Blog Post:


If we as a people had to collectively select a single word to sum up the year 2016, it seems safe to say that we would eventually all land unanimously on the same simple phrase: trashfire. There would be little debate over the matter. Sure, for a while we would discuss whether "trashfire" was technically one word or two, but once we rightly concluded that it is indeed two words, every citizen of the world would shrug their shoulders at precisely the same moment and say, "Meh, whatever. It works."

I have been relieved to notice this same resounding opinion ringing out from nearly every corner of the internet: 2016 has been...not great. On a global scale, that is. I mean, certainly you've seen the memes -- 

(ME AT THE START OF 2016: [picture of Justin Bieber]. ME AT THE END OF 2016: [picture of a potato].)

It seems that, for an impressive multitude of reasons, this last year has left much of the world feeling totally overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and concerned for the state of the future. It goes without saying that I consider myself a part of that group.


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