My name is Christy, and feelings are sort of my thing.


You know about emotions, right? Those warm, fuzzy, sometimes cold, sometimes prickly, sometimes stomach-churning intangible things that play such an important role in the way we operate in this world?

Well, emotions are basically my trade. I'm somewhat of an emotional advocate, if you will. I believe there is great power and freedom to be discovered when we get clarity on the things we are actually feeling. In fact, I am so engaged in this idea that I have decided to dedicate my entire professional life to it. 

Currently, I am pursuing a career as a mental health counselor. I am in the process right now of receiving my Masters of Arts in Counseling. I work with incredible human beings to empower them towards understanding their emotional experiences more fully so that they can in turn live more fully. 

And along the way, my aim is to empower you. Here. 

On this corner of the internet, I am sharing my experiences as a clinician as well as some of the important educational lessons I am learning. Essentially, it's sort of like you get to be a grad student, only you get to save about a hundred grand. And that's a pretty solid deal, if i do say so myself.

So stick around, friend, and feed that big, beautiful, emotional brain of yours with some knowledge and some personal insights into the human experience. I am so glad you are here.

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