My name is Christy, and I like your brain!


First off, is it weird to tell people that you like their brain?

Yes? Okay, noted.

But you know what, it's true! I do like your brain. Specifically, I like the way in which your brain is able to process and organize complex information about the world around you. I like how your whole nervous system enables you to learn new things and recoil when you touch a hot stove, and to be totally honest, I think it's hilarious that there is a part of your brain called the "pituitary gland." It's just a silly collection of syllables, don't you think?

However, while the human brain is a beautiful, complex, and fascinating organ, it's not a perfect one. That is especially true when it comes to our emotions.

You know about emotions, right? Those warm, fuzzy, sometimes cold, sometimes prickly, sometimes stomach-churning intangible things that play such an important role in the way you operate in this world? 

Well, there is a huge body of research to suggest that your emotions actually originate in. your. body. (i.e. NOT YOUR BRAIN)

Yep yep.

And depending on your body's history with a particular emotion, your brain often doesn't even get the chance to properly interpret it. Instead (and forgive me while I forego a ton of technical language here), it sends that feeling right back down through the brain stem into the place where it was born: your bod. And this, as I'm sure you can imagine, can lead to a whooooole host of issues (including some truly unfortunate physical symptoms).

OR sometimes a feeling is lucky enough to get all the way up to the prefrontal cortex, but at that point, it can become interpreted it as something entirely different. It essentially rewrites the story of your emotions in a cognitive way. And at times, it's totally dead wrong. 

So anyway, you can imagine how many problems this sort of thing might cause, right? 

People thinking they are angry when they are hurt.
People thinking they are scared for one reason when they are actually scared for another.
People thinking they are fine when they are actually, you know, the complete and total opposite of fine.

It can be a mess.

And that's why I'm here.

I'm somewhat of an emotional advocate. I believe there is great power and freedom to be discovered when we get clarity on the things we are actually feeling. In fact, I am so engaged in this idea that I have decided to dedicate my entire professional life to it. 

Currently, I am pursuing a career as a mental health counselor. I am in the process right now of receiving my Masters of Arts in Counseling. I work with incredible human beings to empower them towards understanding their emotional experiences more fully so that they can in turn live more fully. 

And along the way, my aim is to empower you. Here. 

On this corner of the internet, I am sharing my experiences as a clinician as well as some of the important educational lessons I am learning. Essentially, it's sort of like you get to be a grad student, only you get to save about a hundred grand. And that's a pretty solid deal, if i do say so myself.

So stick around, friend, and feed that big, beautiful brain of yours with some knowledge and some personal insights into the human experience. I am so glad you are here.

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